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Thank you for preparing to submit your event to Charlotte Culture Guide. Charlotte Culture Guide only lists arts, science, history and heritage events taking place in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and the surrounding region. Please read these submission guidelines before submitting to ensure your event is a good fit.

Location: Events must occur in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and the surrounding region.

Public Events: Events must be open to the public. Invitation/member-only events are not published.

When to Post: Posting months in advance, if possible, is highly recommended. Events will be reviewed and, if accepted, posted within 5-10 business days.

Description: To draw the most interest, make your description user-friendly. We suggest the following:

  • Write at least two sentences of description.
  • Use complete sentences. Choppy paragraphs and text written in all caps are off-putting for some readers.
  • Make sure your description is written to appeal to individual cultural consumers. News releases are not acceptable.
  • Don't include dates, times, phone numbers or URLs in your paragraphs that are listed elsewhere on the page.

Images: In order for your event to be considered for featuring, we must have:

  • A quality promotional horizontal image to uploaded to display with your listing.
  • Images must be in .GIF or .JPG file no more than 2000 x 1500 pixels or 750K in size.
  • Once uploaded, your image will be formatted for display.

Want to be included in CulturePicks?
CulturePicks! is a weekly email highlighting current arts and cultural events. To suggest an event for consideration, please confirm that it has been submitted to the site along with an accompanying photo and email at least 21 days prior to the event's start date. We cannot guarantee that your event will be featured, but make every effort to honor requests. reserves the right to edit graphic images and submissions for grammar, style, and accuracy. Questions? Email:

Every event must be submitted prior to its start date. Please be sure to check and see if your event is already listed before submitting it.

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